On this week’s networking zoom, we spent some time exchanging ideas regarding social media posting & content creation. We shared a simple Social Media Calendar that Daphne created for the group as a resource and guide. We know that sometimes it can be difficult to curate content ideas out of thin air. Not many business owners are good at that, including ourselves! Plan, plan and then plan some more!

We discussed some of the video editing techniques and softwares that we use for creating our YouTube content, and some tips on how to find easier, cheaper ways to do all of these tasks. Video editing is a full-time job for MarketU right now. We are creating a massive amount of content for the training and for YouTube, so we are always looking to simplify the process without sacrificing results.



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Jen shared about her website clients and shared some updates with us about both site’s and their performance. Website builds for your own company do not need to break the bank. There is a ton of high-quality software available to you for your new or updated business website. If you have questions, please reach out to Daphne or Maggie. 

We also talked about this instant gratification media world that we now live and operate in. How difficult it can be to grab and keep a potential customer’s attention for even a millisecond. Quite often, people don’t even stop scrolling long enough to hear a recording start, instead making an instant decision about a person, brand or product based on a glimpse of the content. This isn’t going to change. As business owners, we need to do our homework, study successful channels, and find a way to make this happen for our own accounts. 

Be sure to watch to the end for all the goodies this week!

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