This week on our Thursday networking zoom we talked about issues small business owners have with using social media channels for effective marketing. There is a certain constant that we see across the board when it comes to using any social media platform and it usually ties in from a fear regarding lack of platform knowledge.

When we become tied up and stuck in processes that we don’t fully understand, it can quickly become a roadblock. We see this time and time again, even in our own businesses. Sometimes the inability to use platform tools, like Facebook Polls, can become hurdles we would rather walk around than jump over.

We can get stuck at any step of any process in our small business development. For some, it’s just taking the first steps to put our business out there, for others it’s closing a sale. The most often one is getting caught up somewhere in the middle, like using social media to market our brands.

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Maggie shared about how ranking or showing up on public feeds on certain platforms has become more difficult. Platforms like Google or Facebook have ever changing algorithms that work hard to suppress less established or powerful businesses. There is a reason for Google doing this that we have discussed in the past, but Facebook has become a very difficult platform to use without spending money on Ads.

Platforms like TikTok are massive opportunities for us to start to grow a following and run ads. We will be working to add this training to our MarketU VIP program in the next few months. Be sure to check back with us if you aren’t already part of our paid program. You won’t want to miss this information.

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